1990 - 2000

Under the direction of Ruud Pletting, HCT won first prize at a competition for the first time in 22 years; this happened in the Excellence department, two departments lower than the last first prize that was still achieved in the Vaandel department.

In 1990, at the initiative of Petra Wals, a recorder class was started again, with 19 children. In the years that followed, several of them became members of the association.

Andere repetitieruimte Wegens opeenvolgende huurverhogingen besloot het bestuur uit te kijken naar een andere repetitieruimte dan het Zonnehuis. Het ’tehuis’ De Werf aan de Klinkerweg had een restaurant, waar de harmonie kon repeteren en tevens de instrumenten opslaan. In 1992 werd dit de vaste repetitieruimte van HCT.

In December 1991 Marcel Visser had become the new conductor of HCT. In February 1993 he was succeeded by Theo Jansen.

In 1992 the 70th anniversary passed in relative silence; it was decided to save the strength for the celebration of the 75th anniversary. However, an anniversary concert was given that year and in the autumn there was a fun day out to Antwerp, where a concert was given in the local zoo.

Beginners band The number of young members increased again thanks to the recorder class and in early 1992 HCT was able to form a training orchestra again. Ron Overeem initially took over the lead, later succeeded by Joke Hagedoorn. Musically the orchestra improved, so that a first prize was won at competitions in 1993 and 1994. The result of this was that HCT was again promoted to the Honorary Department in 1994.

Dogtroep In 1995 HCT had the honor of being invited by the renowned theater group Dogtroep to participate in a theater spectacle in the pop temple Paradiso in Amsterdam. On three consecutive evenings, the members of HCT imagined themselves as real artists. For an enthusiastic audience, music by Dogtroep was performed by a number of different ensembles. The evening's apotheosis was the performance of a piece by all the music groups present.

Another highlight in 1995 was the liberation concert that HCT gave on 5 May on the occasion of fifty years of liberation. The concert took place in the Bethel Church and the Wilhelmus, the songs of Vera Lynn and "Land of hope and glory", which was sung along, gave many goosebumps.

1997: 75th anniversary The annual program now has its regular recurring concerts and collaborations: a spring concert and a Christmas concert (sometimes alternated with a New Year's concert), the Abco concerts (subscription concerts), participation in the running competition Dam tot Dam run and the four-day evening in Amsterdam North. Once a year, the spring market at De Werf is also accompanied by music. In addition, there is still an obligation to give three subsidy concerts per year, which in recent years must also take place in Amsterdam-Noord. On May 4, cooperation will be given to the ecumenical memorial service, the silent march and the memorial service at the monument. Finally, the training orchestra has participated in the festival for student orchestras in Heiloo every year in recent years and invariably opens its own spring and Christmas concerts. The 75th anniversary has been extensively celebrated. The highlight was the reunion and the photo exhibition in the Zonnehuis. In 1998 HCT, led by Theo Jansen, achieved a second place at the BAAMfestival and a second place at the competition in the Honorary Department, to which we were promoted four years ago. Mandatory work was Three Czech Dances and the elective work Fifth suite for band.