Beginners band

Beginners band Harmoniecorps Tuindorp

HCT is providing the opportunity for beginning musicians to play together in a band. Rosanne van Bers is conducting and teaching this band. Once you have a certain level with your lessons , often after a year, you may start playing in this little band. You learn how to play together with others and different instruments! Once you've made your progress at the beginners band (typical HaFa-exam B), then you might start playing in the concert band of HCT!

The rehearsals are on Tuesdays, 19.00 – 19.45 o'clock at De Rank, Druivenstraat 35, 1033 JR Amsterdam Noord.

During the rehearsals of the beginners band, besides laughing a lot, a lot is learned. Musical terms such as upbeat, firm, a tempo, crescendo etc. are explained and applied in the music. Attention is also paid to listening to each other and of playing together in the same pitch. The music that is played varies from pop, film music to classical.

The beginners band always provides part of the program of Harmoniecorps Tuindorp's own concerts (spring and Christmas concert) and also has its own performances, such as a closing concert at the end of the season (for example in collaboration with the Talentenorkest from Tuindorp), participation at a festival or a performance at a local event.

The entry-level orchestra is not only for youth, but also for adults! If you feel like playing with us, please come and listen/play on Tuesday evening. For more information, use the contact page.