Tom Wolfs

Tom Wolfs (Geleen, 1989) studied clarinet at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and obtained his master's degree cum laude in 2014. Simultaneously with his studies at the conservatory, Tom studied Musicology at the University of Amsterdam. He received his master's degree in Arts and Culture (Musicology) in the same year. Tom is part of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and the New Amsterdam Clarinet Quartet and regularly substitutes with the Dutch symphony orchestras. Tom has been giving clarinet lessons in and around Amsterdam with great enthusiasm since 2008 and since 2020 he has been appointed to the Conservatory of Amsterdam. As a true Burgundian, Tom loves good cooking and a good glass of wine. Further delving into this matter turned out to be unavoidable and in 2017 he successfully completed the Vinologist training.

Sophie Schreurs

Sophie Schreurs (1998) was born in Sevenum, Limburg and studied clarinet the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Harmen de Boer and Arno Piters. She achieved it in 2022 her master's degree. Sophie has been employed by the Marine Band of the Royal Navy since 2021. She was previously part of the Young Dutch Wind Ensemble and the Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands. She replaced them with, among others, the Phion, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Marine Band of the Royal Navy, and the Orchestra of the Royal Air Force. Since 2019, Sophie has been one of the clarinet teachers at Harmoniecorps Tuindorp.

Rosanne van Bers

Rosanne van Bers (1998) completed her bachelor's degree in flute at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Jeroen Bron in 2020. She continued her education with a master's degree at the Conservatory of Amsterdam where she studied with Kersten McCall, Vincent Cortvrint and Mariya Semotyuk. Graduated in 2023, Rosanne now works as a freelancer with various orchestras and ensembles and is a permanent member of Neo-fanfare 9x13 and her own chamber music ensemble FLUWEEL. Since 2018, Rosanne has enjoyed teaching flute lessons in addition to her activities as a performing flutist. 'Being on stage and being a teacher go hand in hand. I bring my own knowledge and experience to class and at the same time learn a lot from my students.' In addition to methodology lessons from Thies Roorda and Wieke Karsten, Rosanne took additional pedagogical subjects during her master's degree, and the Music as a Subject course. 'I enjoy transferring my knowledge of music and flute playing and find it a fun challenge to help each student learn and play as best as possible in his or her own way. The most important thing in my lessons? Fun and sharing the love of music.'

Ana Prazeres

Ana Prazeres (1995) comes from Portugal and is our third clarinet teacher. She studied at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where she obtained her master's degree in 2021. She has played with the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and the Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra, among others.