Concert band

Concert band Harmoniecorps Tuindorp

The concert band of HCT consists of about 50 musicians. Bert Willemsen has been the conductor since August 2009. The goal of HCT is to make music together in a pleasant and relaxed way and in a safe environment. We are serious about work, but at the same time having a lot of fun!

The repertoire is as broad as possible: arrangements of classical musical works, jazz, musical and film music and contemporary works, specially written for concert bands, and popular repertoire are standard.

On average HCT has 10 performances a year, a number of which are regular performances and concerts:

Join us!

The concert band is open to musicians who can play reasonably to well. The conductor of the orchestra decides whether you can join the orchestra. If you are not ready for this yet, you can start to play in the beginners band! Of course there is a difference in level between the different members of the band, but it is the intention that everyone contributes at their own level and place in the orchestra to an optimal musical result. This is easy to achieve because music parts have different degrees of difficulty.

The rehearsals are every Tuesday night from 20:15 - 22:15 in The Rank, Druivenstraat 35, 1033 JR Amsterdam North.

In principle, all instruments are welcome, unless the conductor decides that there are too many musicians in a section, disrupting the balance in the orchestra. Come by and see if it's something for you. Always welcome!

To conclude

Within our capabilities, we always try to achieve the maximum level and result, with sufficient challenge for everyone. This ensures that everyone can feel comfortable at every level, resulting in a very pleasant relaxed and social atmosphere.

It is not without reason that we call ourselves "the most fun orchestra in Amsterdam North!"

You can judge for yourself that this can lead to an excellent result on our YouTube channel. Our concerts are well attended by a loyal audience of about 250 people.