Recorder lessons in Amsterdam North

Recorder lessons in Amsterdam North

A new series of recorder lessons starts regularly in Tuindorp Oostzaan, which are provided by Harmoniecorps Tuindorp. The lessons are intended for children from 10 years old. Classes take place every Tuesday afternoon (scheduled time: from 5 p.m., location: De Rank, Druivenstraat 35) under the guidance of the professional teacher Rosanne van Bers or Sophie Schreurs. The recorder is still the ideal instrument to start your musical career. You will learn to read music, sing together and you will soon be able to play a song. You will receive a recorder and textbook on loan from the association.

Price: €40 for 10 lessons.

Recorder lessons for children of all ages!

  • group lessons on recorder for children aged 8-10
  • group lessons on recorder for children aged 10-12
  • individual classes flute or clarinet (from age 8)


Lessons are provided by a professional teacher.

In the recorder lessons, the children actually learn to play an instrument themselves. They learn to read notes, learn about rhythm and melody and get their own recorder to practice at home. The recorder is still the perfect instrument for learning the basics of making music.

Those who want to continue after the recorder can learn to play a wind instrument that is used in the concert band. The clarinet, for example, is to a concert band what the violin is to a symphony orchestra: the main instrument that almost always plays the melody - and you can never have enough of it. The individual lessons are primarily focused on clarinet and flute, but lessons on other wind instruments (and percussion) are also possible.

Join us and start your musical life NOW!

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