Flute lessons in Amsterdam North

Rosanne van Bers

Rosanne van Bers teaches recorder and flute lessons in Amsterdam at music association Harmoniecorps Tuindorp in Amsterdam Noord. Rosanne is a professional flutist and teaches on Tuesday evenings at the association building of HCT.


Wegens grote belangstelling zitten de fluitlessen voorlopig vol. Als je je nu aanmeldt, plaatsen we je op een wachtlijst. Vermoedelijk kun je dan medio 2024 van start met je lessen.

What are you going to learn?

You will learn everything you need to know from Rosanne to play your instrument properly. Of course you will learn the correct blowing and finger technique by practicing a lot. Good control of the instrument is important here. That is why a lot of attention is paid in the lessons to good posture, breathing, tone formation and technique. Making music together makes playing the flute even more fun. At Harmoniecorps Tuindorp this is already possible after about six months in the beginners band. Not sure yet which instrument you want to play? You can also start with recorder lessons. Then you will learn the basics of making music, such as reading notes, scales, etc.

Flute classes for children and adults

The lessons are for young and old, from beginner to advanced! Everyone can learn to play this beautiful instrument. And can you already play a nice piece? Rosanne still has a lot to teach you!

The lessons with our teachers are intended for you to later play in our orchestra. First in the entry-level orchestra and later, when the right level has been reached, in the concert band. As a student you also become a member of HCT.

Don't own a flute yet?

That's no problem. As a member of HCT you can borrow an instrument for free! (If in stock)

More information

You want more information about lessons in combination with a membership? Contact us or visit us on a Tuesday night. You are free to enter until 9:15 pm.