Music lessons in Amsterdam

Start with an instrument?

Are you thinking of playing an instrument yourself? Would you like to introduce your children to music? Have you ever played and want to pick it up again?

Harmoniecorps Tuindorp provides music lessons for young and old, beginners and advanced. For clarinet lessons and flute lessons. HCT uses graduate teachers associated with the association. For other instruments we can help you find a good teacher in the area.

In addition, HCT can provide an instrument on loan. This is handy if you are not quite sure yet. This way you can postpone your investment for a while.

Recorder classes

For the real beginners, recorder lessons are provided. The groups are divided by age so that your child is always entitled to peers. The lessons are provided by professional teachers.

more information about recorder classes

Individual classes

We offer a number of options for children, but also adults, who want to move to another instrument or have already made it:

  • For clarinet - and flute lessons we can provide lessons under our own management. You will then be taught by a professional clarinet or flute teacher, in the HCT association building.
  • For brass instruments we can refer you to the Kopercollectief for lessons.
  • The third option is to take lessons at music schools or other musicians via HCT. These often grant substantial discounts (up to 30%) for members of music associations.

Beginners band

When you or your child has reached a certain level, you can join the beginners band. Here you will learn to play together with other instruments and you will get extra motivation to move on. You will be surprised with what results this group is performing!

Main band

From level B you can participate in the main band. The real work will then begin! This orchestra, almost 50 people, is led by a professional conductor and works weekly on challenging programs.

To conclude

We guarantee a lifelong music addiction! Fortunately, it is not harmful to health and very positive for social life :) It has also been scientifically proven that musical children can learn better at school. Reason enough to come and meet us.

Please contact us if you would like to know more. You can find all information on our contact page.