Play the Clarinet in Amsterdam

Want to play the clarinet in one of the most fun concert bands of Amsterdam?

Our concert band is growing! We are really happy with our new members on Baritone, Trumpet, Flute and even Bassoon. We have now passed the 50 members.

We do need some enforcement in the clarinet section though. Especially on second and third clarinet. Who will help us?

Clarinet players welcome at our concert band

Are you playing at a moderate to skilled level, then you are very welcome! If you still have doubts, just come and try a couple of months for free. If you no longer have an instrument, you will get one from us at your disposal. If you prefer to play the first clarinet, then you are also welcome.

Our rehearsal room is easily accessible, with free parking. The members come from the bigger Amsterdam area; Amsterdam, Zaanstad, Oostzaan, Landsmeer, Haarlem, Amstelveen, Hoofddorp, Purmerend, Bussum, Southeast Beemster, Oostgraftdijk, and Monnickendam.

Though we do have several non-Dutch players, the rehearsals are Dutch spoken. But, we all agree on this, music language is universal! If needed we are willing to translate.

Experience for yourself what it’s like to play at the nicest orchestra in Amsterdam! Contact us using this form or visit our website.