Tristan krijgt les van Tom Wolfs

New clarinet students welcome!

Harmoniecorps Tuindorp has room for new clarinet students on Tuesday evening in the rehearsal building at Druivenstraat 35.

The clarinet lessons are given by two professional teachers, Tom Wolfs and Sophie Schreurs. Tom and Sophie teach you everything that is needed to play your instrument well. Of course you will learn the right blow and finger technique by practicing a lot. But you also learn how to select or edit a good reed, which mouthpiece you can use best and how to maintain your instrument. Too much to mention.

The clarinet lessons are for young and old, starting and advanced. So do you think about playing the clarinet? Or do you want to introduce your children to the clarinet? Have you ever played and want to pick it up again? Then this is the moment to contact us!

HCT can give you a clarinet for the lessons on loan, so you do not have to buy it immediately. Depending on your level you can quickly get acquainted with playing together with other musicians in the training orchestra or large orchestra of HCT.

For more information, please contact student coordinator Ingrid Mandjes ( or secretary Jan Verberne (, tel. (020) 633 71 79.

Check the website for more information or just walk in on a rehearsal evening. The coffee is ready!