12 February 2018

Clarinet lessons in Amsterdam

Tristan gets clarinet lessons from Tom Wolfs

Tristan gets clarinet lessons from Tom Wolfs

Our teachers

Tom Wolfs

Tom Wolfs geeft klarinetles in Amsterdam NoordTom Wolfs teaches clarinet in Amsterdam at music association Harmoniecorps Tuindorp in Amsterdam Noord. Tom is a professional clarinetist (graduated Master Cum Laude at the Conservatory of Amsterdam!) and teaches on Tuesday evening at the club building of HCT. You’ve probably seen him on TV. At Podium Witteman, Top2000 or the New Year’s concert of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble.

Berny Tello

Bernardo Alcalá Tello (you may call him “Berny”!) Has been our second clarinet teacher since 2018. This allows us to place additional students. Berny also graduated from the conservatory and completed his Master’s degree with Arno Piters. Berny has played at many major orchestras in the Netherlands and abroad, including the Concertgebouw Orchestra. Maybe you have even seen it on TV with the popular program Maestro in 2017! You can take lessons with him on Tuesday evening at the club building of HCT.

What are you going to learn?

Tom and Berny teach you everything that is needed to play your instrument well. Of course, you will learn the right blow and finger technique by practicing a lot. But you also learn how to select or edit a good reed, which mouthpiece you can use best and how to maintain your instrument. Too much to mention.

Depending on your level, you can quickly become acquainted with playing together with other musicians in the training orchestra or large orchestra of HCT.


Klarinet - opbouw van het instrument

Clarinet lessons for young and old

The lessons are for young and old, from beginning to (far) advanced! Everyone can learn to play this beautiful instrument. You already have some skills? Tom and Berny still have a lot to teach you!

Do not have a clarinet yet?

No problem at all. As a member of HCT, you can get a clarinet for free on loan!

Do you want more information about the possibilities of clarinet lessons in combination with a membership? Then contact HCT or come along on Tuesday evening. Until about 21.15 you can always walk in without obligation. E-mail can go to opleiding@harmoniecorps.nl

Klarinetles in Amsterdam


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