Play the clarinet in Amsterdam

Are you coming to play the clarinet in our orchestra?

Our band is getting bigger and bigger! We are really happy with our new members on Baritone, Trumpet, Flute and even Bassoon. We passed the number of 50 musicians in the concert band.

We can use some enforcements in the clarinet section though. Especially second and third clarinet. Who is joining us? tweede en derde klarinet. Wie komt ons helpen?

Klarinet spelen in Amsterdam

If you play the clarinet at a reasonable to good level, you are very welcome! If you still have doubts, just come and try it for free for a period. If you no longer have an instrument, you will get one from us. If you prefer to play first clarinet, then of course you are more than welcome too.

Our rehearsal space is easily accessible, with free parking. The members come from far; Amsterdam, Zaanstad, Oostzaan, Landsmeer, Haarlem, Amstelveen, Hoofddorp, Purmerend, Bussum, Southeast Beemster, Oostgraftdijk, Monnickendam and even Epe

Experience what it is like to play the clarinet with the greatest orchestra in Amsterdam! Contact us via the form below or view our website.

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