Play the Clarinet in Amsterdam

Want to play the clarinet in one of the most fun concert bands of Amsterdam? Our concert band is growing! We are really happy with our new members on Baritone, Trumpet, Flute and even Bassoon. We have now passed the 50 members. We do need some enforcement in the clarinet section though. Especially on second[…]

Tristan krijgt les van Tom Wolfs

New clarinet students welcome!

Harmoniecorps Tuindorp has room for new clarinet students on Tuesday evening in the rehearsal building at Druivenstraat 35. The clarinet lessons are given by two professional teachers, Tom Wolfs and Bernardo (Berny) Alcalá Tello. Tom and Berny teach you everything that is needed to play your instrument well. Of course you will learn the right[…]

Almost-summer-concert 2018

Later than usual we give our annual spring concert. The program includes beautiful pieces, such as At the Break of Gondwana, that will be played with beautiful images in the background. But also the music of Fiddler on the Roof, the musical that can be seen at the theater with Thomas Acda in the lead.[…]