2000 - 2010

The transition to the new millennium is proceeding smoothly for HCT. From 2000 Bert Willemsen jr. Is the new conductor, succeeding Theo Jansen. When Bert leaves in 2004, a somewhat difficult period begins, in which three new conductors soon see it again. Fortunately, Bert is prepared to return as a conductor in 2009, with which the musical direction of the orchestra is back in safe hands, to the great satisfaction of the members.

HCT goes with modern times and since 2001 the association has its own website, now under the address www.harmoniecorpstuindorp.nl.

Again in Paradiso

In 2006, HCT cooperated in the musical spectacle ‘La nuit de Tomoko’, a project by composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven. The evening takes place in Paradiso, which in many members evokes memories of the earlier performances with Dogtroep. Quirky music: with one song is not played ‘in time’, but ‘on the clock’, that is, with a stopwatch is determined when the musicians have to play; getting used to it!

New rehearsal room

In 2006, HCT moves to the current rehearsal room of day care center De Rank on the Druivenstraat after a few years in the Raadskelder of the Catholic Sacrament Church on the Kometensingel after forced departure from De Werf because of a renovation there. The Raadskelder is abandoned because of the closure of the church. The rehearsals take place in De Rank’s gymnasium, where a separate storage space for instruments and music library is created with smooth cooperation from De Rank’s managers.

85 years

The 85-year jubilee of the association is celebrated modestly in 2007. The spring concert is dominated by the jubilee by playing music tracks that had previously been on the program of harmony. In September there is a day out with a visit to Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn, a concert in an old people’s home in Amersfoort and unlimited Chinese (the food, not the people) in Putten.

Workshop for adults

A frustration for music associations is the great course in young members. Many young people start enthusiastically with music lessons, but often also give up again soon because of various reasons. In order to fish in another pond, HCT starts in 2008 with a workshop clarinet for adults, where there seems to be a lot of interest. After the workshop of about six months, students can continue with individual clarinet lessons. After a few years, the first workshop participants will be blowing their party into the big orchestra!